Page Speed with Leverage Browser Caching

When building any web application, you will find that there are lot of CSS and JavaScript files and Images are used. When the no of resources (CSS/JS/Images) are increased, page load time also increase because every time a browser loads a webpage it has to download all the web resources to properly display the page. Nowadays web app performance is most important things for all clients.

At first time user’s visit to your site, site will load all resources and browser caches all resources. If a same user tries to load another pages in sites / Refresh the site, then all resources are loaded from cache.

The main reason why browser caching is important is because it reduces the load on your web server, which ultimately reduces the load time for your users.

Leverage Browser Cache enables browser cache by proving HTTP header with expiry time based of file types. To enable leverage browser cache, we need to add code on .htaccess file with expiry time.

Add this line to your .htaccess file.

Check website page speed and performance tips of your site, with help of following tools:

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